About Us

This is a battle worth fighting.

Human Trafficking is a scourge upon the earth, sex trafficking the lowest of the low. Real men (and women) are repulsed by the thought of using children like this. Having traveled the world in the employee of Uncle Sam seeing this made my blood boil. Few of us however know how to do anything about it.

That is why we have chosen to partner with Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s purse. We believe their approach to solving this problem is a holistic one and not just a bandaid over a sucking chest wound.

As part of our culture here at Tactical Java, we believe in doing the right thing, always. Our commitment to you is that each quarter we will make a donation to Samaritan’s purse depending entirely on how our company did for that time period. How can you help? Drink more of our coffee of course!

Sadly helping Disabled Veterans is still needed. Our federal government has not just forgotten many of us they have down right ignored pleas from thousands and thousands of disabled vets for assistance. We have long realized that the only help we will ever get is to do what we can do for each other.

Many of you when you hear the plights of these veterans want to help too and are mad that our government doesn’t do more, but how can you?

Well, drink more of our coffee! We are committed to giving hiring preference to disabled vets and are willing to work with them and their disabilities to help them regain meaningful employment. They are still the highest unemployed group of all veterans.

In addition, we also pledge to make a quarterly donation to the Disabled American Veterans Post 76 here in Tennessee as our company profits permit. Why Tennessee? It is one of the highest states with a veteran population and where we call home. As a disabled veteran myself, I know all too well the struggles my fellow vets face. We thank you for your patronage of our products and simply ask that you tell your friends were they can help too.